Hockey day Minnesota is well underway, the first game between Mahtomedi and Thief River Falls just finished up with the Zephyrs of Mahtomedi winning 3-0. Next up is Stillwater (the host) and Eden Prairie, these two teams were both in the State Tournament last year and they each have a Tourney Championship under their belts.

As many of you know, I’m huge in traditions and this is one of them, so sticking with tradition I feel I need to answer the question they ask all day long: What does Hockey Day mean to you?

This question is both hard and easy to answer. Hard because of how long the answer could be and easy because of one word that sums it up but doesn’t do it in detail. Hockey Day means everything to me. It’s one of the best traditions there is. Minnesota has such a long hockey history that of course it needs a day to celebrate it.

Playing outside brings the game back to its roots before Zamboni’s, refrigeration and nice indoor arenas with great concession stands. Yes, the weather may be troublesome but that is the reality of playing outside and how hockey used to be before all of this technology that has brought the game so much advancement.

Hockey Day is able to bring communities together and bring out a lot of stories we never hear about, like why hockey is such a great game, what it teaches and how it has helped people. Hockey is a great game not only is it exercise but it also teaches kids responsibility and leadership skills as well as learning to deal with adversity and diversity.

Even though I may not play as much as I used to, hockey is still a part of my life. I have taken to writing about it more than playing but I still get the rush I used to when I had skates on my feet. Hockey never truly leaves you even if you stop playing and the lessons you learn stick with you for life. Hockey also builds confidence, not everyone can skate and not everyone can skate and play hockey. It takes multiple levels of talent and things you have to learn that once you do, you feel a great deal of accomplishment.

Hockey was also a connection with my family. I wanted to be just like my older cousins who played hockey and I am so glad I followed in their footsteps. I may not have continued on to play high school hockey but the years I did play I will never forget.

Hockey was also a refuge for me and when I was on the ice I was able to forget everything else going on in my life and just have fun and play a game I love. For many kids this is the truth and really is why Hockey Day means so much especially to me.

So that is what Hockey Day means to me and hockey in general. I could go on and on but I think you got the just of it. Hockey Day is a great day and I hope it never stops because I for one will never stop watching, Thanks for reading!





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