Player Celebration: Mikko Koivu

I know it’s not the usual name you would think of for this type of article but I got tired of hearing the words, Spotlight, Highlight and etc. There’s nothing wrong with those but I wanted to try to be different so celebration it is. I plan to try and pick one player for each of these articles and talk about them, on ice and off ice, etc. They won’t just be Wild players either it will be players from all across the NHL, I hope to actually get all of the players at some point but that may take a while!

First up is none other than Minnesota Wild captain, #9 Mikko Koivu! The Finnish center has been with the Wild since he stepped on the ice wearing an NHL jersey 11 years ago. He’s been shining as a captain for the last eight years and he also was the first ever permanent captain in the Wild’s history.

Lately he hasn’t been scoring a lot but he’s more a play-maker than a scorer which is quite different for a captain on an NHL team considering that most are scorers such as Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin to name a couple. This year Koivu has just six points in 16 games which may not sound like much but when you see he has one shorthanded point and one game winning goal in those points, it sounds a little better.

Koviu’s job has many points to it that most don’t think about. They see the “C” on the jersey and just assume he’s a big scorer. He can be when the setting is right but that is not his actual job. His job is to lead the team through everything, from a five to nothing win over a team that may be struggling to a six to nothing lose against the former Stanley Cup champions. If a player gets injured or there’s a bad call on the ice, it’s Mikko’s job to guide the team through that and make sure they keep their heads on straight.

That kind of job description may not sound too bad especially when you’re getting paid millions of dollars to play a game, but it’s not all fun and games. If something goes wrong with the team the ax doesn’t just fall on the coach but also the captain. He’s the face of the team most of the time and he has to take the fall for things that aren’t his fault.

In my opinion Koivu has done a great job over the years and this year is just a slower start for the 33-year-old captain. This year is also a growing pains season because of the new head coach at the helm. Everyone including the captain has to have time to adjust to a completely new style of play and coach.

I haven’t exactly gotten a hold on what I want this articles to say so they’ll probably all be a bit different but that’s okay because then I’m covering something different on each player instead of it all being the same stats just different player.

Thanks for reading!

Hockey rocks!


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