So it’s been a bit busy these last couple of weeks but I intend to post more, between job hunting and working my current job along with helping Jes with his/our start-up business it’s been a bit chaotic!

Recently I had the chance to attend an SCSU men’s hockey game, the team that was my favorite prior to my schooling at UND. It had been a few years since I’d been to that arena especially after its remodel, which looks GREAT! I will always have a special place in my heart for SCSU because they are part of the reason I joined hockey in the first place. I learned to skate at that arena and made some of my first friends there.

So, no matter where I end up, yes I will have two favorite college teams, of course UND will be my #1 but SCSU will tie with them unless they are playing each other. SCSU took on UMD, these two teams have been playing some awesome hockey as of late and they turned out to be quite evenly matched. The huskies did take the early lead on a goal barely 30 seconds in and it was a beautiful top shelf goal over the goalie’s shoulder too! After that the scoring kind of opened up for both teams and went back and forth until the third period.

Unfortunately Duluth tied and took the lead and the Huskies were unable to mount a comeback but they didn’t stop trying! I was quite impressed by the speed and flow of both teams. They have clearly been working very hard in the off-season. No offense to any fans of these two teams but SCSU and UMD are not the first two teams you think of when you hear speed and flow.

When I used to watch SCSU they were fast but also a bit physical which there’s nothing wrong with that but they did tend to be out-skated. That wasn’t the case this past weekend, they have really changed the focus of this team and they have a bright future ahead in my opinion. They’re third period could use a little work but it’s only the start of the season, they have a lot of time. Duluth could do the same but the opposite, the first period could use a little work but their third is pretty outstanding even when they are trailing. These opinions of course are based off of one game but their Saturday game turned out almost the same as the Friday.

Hockey is a game that changes consistently and can never be matched identical which is why teams area bl to make changes a lot. These are just a few things I noticed while I was enjoying the game with my aunt Lori who was very kind in inviting me along and paying for dinner! We were also able to visit with my cousin Tyler 🙂 I hope to make it back to a game later this season and see how well the team is playing then!

Now to change the topic a little and switch to EVA foam! Yes, a couple of months ago Jesse started an Etsy business called StarksForge that focuses on EVA foam weapons he has made. Recently I started helping and now we have Facebook page up as well! So if you’re interested in things like Cosplay or even LARP, we can make items for you, depending on what they are of course!

Jesse has currently sold two and has quite a few that are up for sale or in the progess of being finished! So feel free to check out either the Etsy page or Facebook page and message us for more info!

Thanks for reading!




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