First off… IT’S ABOUT DANG TIME THE MINNESOTA WILD HAD AN OUTDOOR GAME..and it’s in MINNESOTA! As a diehard fan of the Wild of course I was excited the second I heard about the outdoor game. Sure it’s not the Winter Classic but it is on HockeyDay USA which is pretty dang cool. The Wild did an absolutely awesome job of hosting this event, everything looks just pristine!

You can tell the home crowd was giving the Wild an extra boost that it clearly needed. They’ve been winning again lately but they finally look like they are back the way they were playing at the beginning of the year. This game clearly showed that the Wild still have what it takes to play with the “big boys” and that people should not give up on them yet. They looked like a rejuvenated team and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings.

Now was the game not perfect or what? The weather was gorgeous and it even snowed a bit, perfect for a hockey game. With the way things turned out I think they should have am outdoor game every year in Minnesota. I may be biased but it did turn out pretty awesome. Sure, things could have been drastically different but so can a hockey game. All of the players seemed to enjoy themselves and had a blast.

The amount of people they were able to involve was also pretty neat from all the youth players, the marching band and getting the fans involved with a really cool ” lets play hockey” sign.

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All in all the game was pretty awesome and the wild couldn’t have played better in their 6-1 victory in their first ever Stadium series. I was very happy to watch and see all the greatness in that game. I vote for it again next year!

Go Wild!