Growing up hockey

As many of you know.. I grew up around the great sport of hockey from the age of 5, I was on skates. Now many of you probably assume I learned how to skate and how to play the game from my coaches during practice. Well, most of that is true but not all. I actually learned how to skate somewhat from my cousins. Every year for Christmas, all of my cousins and I would go to the local outdoor rink and just skate and play pick-up hockey for fun. At the time I was too young to tie my own skates, so my cousin’s would tie them for me, hence where I learned how to tie my skates. I learned how to stand on my skates, how to fall and get up, how to have fun; I could go on and on but I learned all of this from my cousins and yes from practice as well.

At practice however, we had to have structured drills and show we were making progress which was fun but also annoying. When I was with my cousins, I could be goofy and have a blast and still learn as much if not more than I did in practice. I didn’t have to prove anything to my cousins, they accepted me for who I was and included me in their games and helped me along the way. I’m not sure how many of my cousins read my blog posts but if they do, I hope they realize how much they helped me along the way and I fell in love with hockey because of their passion for both the game and helping each other.

I miss those days when we would all go skate and play hockey together, all the fun we had without having to worry about everything else going on around us. Hockey was a connecting bond between all of us kids and it kept us close as we grew up. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to have those hockey games lately and I really hope this year we can. I know I’m all for it and I’ll bring my skates regardless. I’ll try and write more, thanks for reading!

Hockey rocks!