More Preseason News!

So the Wild played the Winnipeg Jets yesterday at home and won by an 8-1 score which is somewhat unusual in preseason let alone in regular season. I’m happy the Wild won but what has me somewhat upset is the Winnipeg Jets Head Coach’s comments after the game was done, I’ll include the link to the video at the end. Basically he got upset that the Wild kept putting out their top guys even after an 8-1 lead with a power play. Well I’m sorry sir, but that’s kind of how hockey works, it’s preseason! You have all of your guys play including the top guys so they can get ready for regular season. Is it necessary to put them out to keep the lead?

No, probably not, but that doesn’t mean you sit them the rest of the game… it’s not like the game counted for points anyway! Even if it did do you really think any coach in his right mind is going to sit his top guys? No! Yeah they won’t play as much as normal to keep them from getting hurt in a possible stupid play by the other team but no you wouldn’t sit them the whole game, they need to stay conditioned! I get what he’s saying, but it’s also preseason! No offense but maybe you should worry about your own guys instead of  blaming the other team for not taking a step back… IT’S THE PROS!!! I could understand if it was like high school or younger but in the pros they can rack the score as high as they want. If this was the other way around and the Wild had lost would I blame Winnipeg? Hell no, I’d say well the Wild should have stepped up and played better, they got outplayed! Usually when the score has that big of a differential, it’s not the winning team’s fault.. I hate to be the bearer of bad news (I usually hate big scores and always go for the underdog) but maybe the losing team needs to get better?

I’m sorry but this coach sounds like a little kid blaming the other team because his lost. Like I said before, I get what he’s saying but reality check… you are the coach of a professional hockey team in the National Hockey League… most of the teams in this league don’t care whether you play your big guys or not.. they just want to win and if that means playing their big guys against your lesser known ones, than so be it. I get its preseason but preseason is considered practice for the regular season, that includes playing your big guys so they can get used to being on the ice again in-game situations, so maybe next time.. play your big guys too or just go home.. and grow up!

He did say at the end that it was an honor being in the same building with Mike Yeo which is cool but still.. this video just annoyed me as you can all tell.. well thanks for reading my little rant! I will be posting again later on today about another topic so stay tuned!


Here’s the link for those that wanted to check it out:



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