Why I Game

So, as many of you know I can be rather opinionated when I write, and that’s mainly why I write, other than the fact that I love it. Growing up I never had the ability to play video-games because I was always doing something else whether it be playing hockey, reading, band, etc and that’s what this post is about–gaming. Once I met Jesse, I really got introduced to the gaming world head first.

It was quite a shock in the beginning and I really didn’t understand how someone could love doing this all the time. I mean, outside is awesome too, haha. Once I tried gaming though I slowly became hooked. I realized that no, gaming is not bad, it’s actually quite fun. I sucked at first and would get quite upset because I didn’t know what I was doing wrong and I really hate when that happens. I usually have to figure things out for myself as well so I didn’t eagerly accept help.

As time went on, I progressed in my video game skills and along the way I got my own Xbox 360 courtesy of Jesse (Christmas gift)! So now I am able to play GTAV on my own Xbox and play live with my friends. It’s amazing to actually own an Xbox and feel the freedom of playing games whenever the TV is available haha. I haven’t gotten super good, but I am average or a little below. I play online with guys who have been playing for years so I’m a little behind the curve. I would like to proudly admit I’m a rank 58! Jesse is like 100, no I’m not joking 😉

Gaming isn’t just sitting in front of a TV killing brain cells, as a matter of fact it actually helps your brain. Games keep you on your toes most of the time and you have to learn to act on your feet. Yes, it’s just a game and no one’s life is on the line but it can help you learn to act quicker in your everyday life. You learn to not second guess your judgement and not to be afraid of what might happen because it’s just a game. No, you shouldn’t treat real life like it’s a game but you can learn how to keep calm under pressure. I’m not saying any of this relates to life directly, I’m speaking hypothetically for those of you that might think I’m being literal.

Gaming has also created an environment of stress relief where I can blow things up without actually damaging anything and I can create cars that I’ll never be able to have in real life but I can be creative with. Teamwork is another big aspect of gaming that I’ve come to learn can be difficult at times but you can’t get through the game without it. Teamwork is a concept everyone needs to learn and yes, GTAV teaches that concept whether in a good way or bad you do learn to cooperate with others.

I know this post won’t get everybody interested in gaming but don’t knock it before you try it. Yeah, it can be a difficult thing to understand but it is fun and actually rewarding. When you reach a level you’ve been working towards or you finally get the car you’ve been saving for, like I just did the other night 😀 It does feel good, yeah it’s not real but it doesn’t hurt to have a fantasy world to go to every now and then and just lose yourself for a while. People need to be able to let go without hurting anyone and gaming is one way to do that.

Well with that short post, I’m going to wrap it up. Thanks for reading,




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