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So, as I was watching the U.S. Open and currently am right now, I realized how much the game misses Andy Roddick. Yes, I may be biased because before he retired, he was my favorite tennis player, mainly because he was the only American player at the time that was really good. There were several others but none that stood out like Roddick. I know to many people Roddick seemed like an asshole because well in all reality he really could be one, but it’s because he loved the game of tennis so much. If he lost a point, he would get pissed off, did it put a hinder in his game? Sometimes, sometimes not, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that’s how athletes are. To you it may just be a game but to those of us that are extremely competitive, well it gets a little closer to the heart.

In the end we realize it’s a game, but out on the court/field/ice, that doesn’t matter. Roddick was very much that way and that’s one of the reasons I liked him so much, he left it all out on the court. He played his heart out and if he lost, well it was his fault and no one else’s, he would be the first one to tell you that too. Some may say he was a jerk to reporters but in all fairness, he was just being honest. If he thought a reporter asked him a stupid question, he would tell them he thought it was stupid. Is that rude? Maybe, maybe not, at least you knew what he was thinking at all times and I’m sorry but if you’re a reporter and you hadn’t heard about Andy Roddick interviews before you went to one, well that’s your own fault.

He had a reputation that was known tennis-wide, you don’t ask him stupid questions and if you do, you’ll more than likely get “well that’s a stupid question” answer back. I will never forget when watching one of his interviews, a reporter asked, “How do you feel?” (it was after a really big loss) and Roddick simply stated without hesitation, “How do you think I feel? I’m pissed off” or something like that. In all fairness to Roddick, myself being a sports journalist, you typically don’t ask the loser of the game, how they feel, it’s kind of obvious. Not to mention, if you can tell they are already pissed off, maybe avoid that topic or word it differently at least.

Yes, Roddick could be a complete jerk, I won’t deny that but he was very upfront and didn’t put on the “I’m in front of a camera” face and act all nicey-nicey. He was the same whether in front of it or not (no I never met him) but you can just tell with some people. Some may ask if I would take a chance on an interview with the temper Roddick has… Are you kidding me? Heck yes I would, that’s an interview you want because you can get the most upfront answers and not the ones that are rehearsed over and over. No offense to athletes that do that because I understand that interviews get old but it is nice to not hear “Yeah, we played a great game” over and over, and instead hear “Well, our offense looked amazing with so and so doing some amazing passes and coach told us blah blah blah”. Those are the answers you want because it gets in-depth. He didn’t sugarcoat things but yes, he could also be a pretty cool guy too.

So, what I meant in the opening paragraph about tennis missing Roddick was his personality and all that he brought to the game. Players knew they had to be on top of their stuff to even think about beating Roddick and everyone knew what his personality was like. He kept players, refs and even fans on their toes when he played. Now, I don’t mean this in an insulting way but he was very good at entertainment in tennis, a sport that isn’t always everyone’s first entertainment sport of choice. He also made sure to thank fans that supported him including kids that made him birthday cards.

Watching tennis without Andy, is really weird, even 3 years later. The sport definitely has lost a little personality. I’m not putting down the players who are still in tennis, but there is no one like Andy. His personality made him, him and the sport of tennis was always a little funnier with him in the game. I hope someone comes along that has as much spunk as he did and I will admit, I miss watching him play because even with his personality he was one hell of a tennis player. For those of you interested in Tennis, the U.S. Open is currently going on and will conclude on the 13th of September. I would recommend checking out the matches with Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka! 🙂

As always however,


The picture, just so you all know how much personality Roddick had, has been included below, and it’s one of my all-time favorite pictures of him hahaha


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Andy Roddick has warned tennis is in danger of losing its personality.

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