Gaming and Hockey go hand-in-hand

I tried to do a post a little while ago, but for some reason it didn’t work, so we’ll try again. The title may be a little confusing since hockey is a game itself. Well, what I am talking about is my boyfriend’s love of gaming and my love of hockey. My love of hockey goes way back to when I was just a kid and wanted to be just like my older cousins who played. The first time I stepped on the ice, I was in love. This love can be described in many ways such as the feeling of the ice under your skate blades, the smell of the brisk, cool, refreshing air against your face, the chills that swept through your jersey as you skated at high speeds. The list could go on and on but the same goes for Jesse and his video gaming it started when he was young and he became hooked. Whenever he games, there are specific reasons as to why he loves that game, and his reasons can change per game such as the different graphics, the sounds, the quality of weapons, etc. The funny thing is, we both look at weapons with the same kind of perspective. I look over hockey sticks for different kinds of performance and Jesse does the same in-game with weapons.

When a new game comes out, Jesse analyzes it top to bottom for all the different stats of the game and how it was reviewed, then he proceeds to do his own review after buying it of course. I do the same when it comes to hockey games, I’ll look at the teams playing, the players on the teams, and their records and do my own review of what I think will happen. Even though our passions are in two different worlds, they do intertwine together with similarities many would not think to identify. Many people may think I’m crazy to compare video-gaming to hockey. Sure, one has you sit in front of a T.V. with a controller in your hand, trying not to die while the other has you head to toe in equipment, on skates with a stick and also the funny part is you are trying not to die as well, just kidding, but you are trying to outdo your opponent.

Both hockey and video games require an extensive amount of hand-eye coordination and you have to be both smart and quick about your surroundings or you will be left behind quick, or left for dead, whichever you prefer haha. If you aren’t quick to the draw or to the shot on goal, you will regret it for a quite a while. The best part about both is they are team involved, well if you want to play that way when it comes to video games. Some video games allow you to team up with others to win and well hockey is all about the team trying to get wins. Yes, hockey is more physically demanding but video-games require you to develop skills you never thought you would, such as thinking on your feet. Hockey teaches this skill too but you learn it over time, not right away when you start. I’ve always had the ability to see things happening in hockey before they did and despite my lack of skating skills, I always had the “hockey-mind” just not the feet. At times I was great and at times not, the same can be said for those that play video-games. You can perform amazingly well or just plain suck the whole entire time until you decide to quit.

Both hockey and video games require a certain amount of determination that many people don’t realize. You have to be determined to keep getting hit over and over or getting defeated over and over. Not giving up is key to both of these aspects and a lot of times that is something that is very difficult. Yes, video games can teach you to keep at it even when it gets to the point you want to throw the controller across the room and never look at the game again. I have from personal experience been through that and I decided not to throw the controller (It was Jesse’s) and I took a break but returned to the game and eventually beat it. That’s something a lot of people don’t think about when they play video games, it does teach you to be determined and not give up no matter how bad you want to. If you push through and beat the hard part, the rest is way worth it, knowing what it took to get there. That’s just a fact of life, never giving up.

Jesse and I have combined our loves into one and neither has suffered for it haha in fact we’ve opened ourselves up to new perspectives and new things we never thought of before we dated. I’ve started using gaming analogies and Jesse has used a few hockey ones, once in a while haha. We’ve melded our personalities to become a video-game/hockey loving couple, no Jesse doesn’t love hockey but he’s okay with it. One other thing that both hockey and video games have in common is their fast-paced action, unless of course you are playing a story game that takes a while or a pick-up game of hockey with 70-year-olds haha (not trying to be rude but you get my point). They teach you to be quick in both your mind and your body and to develop skills that can be used for more than just one sport or game. What you can learn on the ice can then be used at home in front of the TV (I’m not trying to make that sound lazy.. you play games on a TV haha). Oh and I forgot, hockey and video games both allow you to release stress that may have been built up for a while as well, so they are healthy, as long as you aren’t hitting someone over the head with a hockey stick, or beating people to a pulp in the online realm. So, yeah one more thing to the list of how hockey and video games can make a good combo. I think I’ll end it here and thanks for reading!




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