The Life of a Gamer Girlfriend

Yes, you read that right. I’m changing this post up a bit with more about my personal life. I know I post those from time to time but usually its short tidbits, well this time it’s going a little more in-depth for a change of pace and a chance to expand my writing to more than just sports. Everyone needs a change once in a while, right?

So as you read in the title, the life of a gamer girlfriend.. hmm how to describe it.. well awesome would be a good place. So, as many of you know, I’ve been with my boyfriend Jesse for going on 4 years now and I love him more and more everyday. He as you can guess, is a huge gamer and I knew that from the start. Trust me, when we first started dating, I was so lost in the gaming world it was incredible. I had played some but not nearly what he had. I felt so lost. As time went on, I started trying games and sometimes felt really dumb because I wouldn’t get very far and I felt like I would never accomplish it, dying like 30 times in Call of Duty didn’t help. Games are a challenge my friends, even if they don’t seem like it, they are. Well, Jesse was very helpful in my interest in gaming and allowed me to play on his Xbox whenever he wasn’t, so I started getting better even when I was super frustrated. I would never accept his help hahaha, well I would but I had to do it myself, with him telling me how, not him doing it for me. We both got frustrated on that part but I’m a person who has to do it themselves when it comes to gaming, I think my playing hockey had something to do with that.

More time passed and this past Christmas, Jesse bought me an Xbox 360 and thus I became an official gamer girlfriend. I always had been but only on his console and not my own. It was quite a shock and I will admit I had tears in my eyes that Jes would spend that much of his paycheck on a gift for me! I mean I know I’m his girlfriend but jeez. So, I bought GTAV and some NHL games and started my own adventure into the gaming realm. It’s been an interesting adventure so far but I will admit I”m hooked on something I thought was silly not that long ago. Games do really help with relieving stress and being in your own world. You can just relax and have fun with friends or try to accomplish something on your own, whatever you want to do. Call of Duty is now one of my favorite games, which seems weird for me to say haha.

Now that you’ve heard from my gamer side, it’s time to get to the girlfriend part of that equation. Well, dating someone who is a gamer is just as challenging as the games themselves. A lot of times I’m still lost on what he’s talking about when it comes to new games or even games that have existed for years. You have to remember, I played hockey for 10 years and was in marching band for 7 so I didn’t really have a lot of free time for video games, not that I had the opportunities for them either. I’m slowly entering the world of gaming, I still get really confused on certain areas like how to fight and my driving is progressively getting better in GTAV, I used to be terrible. I also had a lot of trouble not giving Jesse crap for losing or dying in the game, I never knew how annoying that could be until I was on the other end of it. It really is annoying and I got as frustrated as Jesse did when I was told it was just a game. Well, yes it’s just a game but when you invest that much time into it, the challenge becomes embedded and you have to beat it or you feel defeated. Similar to hockey when you are so close to winning but it’s just out of reach and when you finally get there, it’s a huge accomplishment, gaming is the same.

Another aspect of being the girlfriend of a gamer is the time constraints haha. I used to get frustrated whenever Jesse wanted to try a new game or play one that I didn’t have because I thought it took time away from us, instead it gives us time to be together, just not doing the same things; which is okay.  I’ll read a book or fall asleep with him next to me, playing his game and I love it that way. It’s the best of both worlds for the two of us. When we want to do different things, we can and still be in the same room, it makes us a better couple if that makes sense. I’ve learned to love Jesse’s love of games because it makes him, him. He loves me for my love of hockey because that’s who I am and I love his passion for games because that’s who he is. Being passionate about something is a great thing to see in someone, (as long as its legal haha). Seeing his frustrations turn to celebrations when he wins an exceptionally hard part of a game, is so cool to watch. It reminds me of my days in hockey and band when I would practice and practice and finally do it right. But seeing it in someone you love is a gift that I never want to lose. I know I’m going in-depth but that was my point with this post. For those of you that have a significant other, make sure not to overlook that part, it’s an amazing thing to see your partner accomplish something they’ve worked hard at for so long, and yes video games do count.

I used to hate gaming and never wanted to be a part of it, until I met Jesse. He showed me the good side to gaming, and yes it can be bad in too much intake but for the most part it’s a good thing. You are still capable of making your own choices, the game doesn’t choose for you like those in the media world that claim games make people do things… they don’t. I’ve played games on and off for a few years now and have no negative side effects, in fact my stress goes away when I play because I can forget everything and just have fun with my boyfriend and our friends online. Sure, we blow up cars and stuff but it’s all fake! It’s the safer alternative then going out and doing it for real. You can get your aggression out in a fake world instead of the real world and that’s the way I’d rather see it and you also learn to save up your money for something you really want, granted it’s fake but you still get the idea of saving up for something. . So for me, games have been a good thing.

So being a gamer girlfriend has its ups and downs and I know this post was a little of everything but that’s what I aim for. To show a bunch of different sides of a story. I love being a gamer girlfriend and I wouldn’t have any other way. Sure, we spend time on games when we are together but that still builds us as a couple, we don’t have to be in the same place 24/7, we can still have fun while in an online world. So, I love gaming and I love my man and of course hockey haha. Thanks for reading! Maybe my next post will be about how Jes and I started dating 🙂 That’s one he loves to share 😉 The picture I chose to share is one that shows are gamer attitudes haha Just kidding, I loved the look of it even though it’s old so I figured what the heck why not!




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