Another Few Issues

So this is an issue I first learned about while in school. I was taking a Sports Management class and this issue came up with several very good points on both sides of the argument. I disagree and agree with the idea of athletes getting paid. On one side, they don’t have the time or ability to go out and get a job like other non-athletes so they don’t’ have as much money available to them even with scholarships. On the other side, the non-athletes don’t have the option to be a part of the sports and get some of the advantages that athletes get. There are two sides to this story as all stories have. I’m going to try to keep this section short because it has already gone through and now it’s just up to schools if they want to participate or not. I, mostly agree with this idea because if you look on the side of athletes, they are basically working a job (yes, playing a sport) that takes away their opportunity to work a regular job that would earn money. I do realize they make that choice but why should they have to choose that or money. As long as it’s a small amount of money to just help them get by, I understand it. Let me know what you guys think of this idea! The article is listed below.

The next issue I would like to discuss is the idea that I read in my textbook recently and has been an issue for a number of years. The idea that hockey needs fighting. IT DOESN’T! I personally do not like to watch a hockey game and see a fight or two or three break out during the action of the game. It’s not a good thing to teach kids and it’s just not a part of hockey. I know it has a long standing in hockey but come on people, times change, let’s get out of the “we have to fight to show we’re tough” idea and move on to the “skills, finesse and talent wins games” idea. I’ve never liked fighting in hockey and I’m sorry but if fighting was meant to be in hockey, it wouldn’t be called hockey, it would be called fighting. Unlike several NHL broadcasters who say it belongs in the game and that those reporters who say it doesn’t never played the game, I have news for them. If you haven’t noticed that the number of players suing the NHL for injuries related to fighting has been growing dramatically over the years, something is wrong with you. I know the players agree to fight but do you really think they pay attention to the fact they could regret that in the next few years? They just want to play in the way they have been taught.

I don’t think you kick enforcers out of the league, you just teach them to utilize the other skills they have besides the ability to fight. If you are a good coach you can always find a use for a player and I mean other uses besides fighting. Maybe, they are good at blocking ht net, or blocking shots. Give them a chance to get out of the fighting scene since thankfully the fighting has gone down in recent years as well. I won’t be satisfied until it is out of the game entirely but hopefully it will be gone sooner rather than later and spare the lives of other players.

Well that’s it for now. Thanks for reading, STATE FAIR TOMORROW 😀



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