The Nickname debate continues

So this post comes about after reading an article about the nickname at UND. I will include the link below but basically the article states that UND has no right to the Fighting Sioux nickname because they were not founded by Fighting Sioux Native Americans. Well guess what, the SCSU Huskies were not founded by actual Huskies… the U of M was not founded by Gophers and I could go on and on. My main point is that the writer of this article didn’t even go to UND and isn’t even from North Dakota. I know the great thing about writing is that you can write about anything and everything you want, however you may need to make your decisions wisely and write about things you know. I get writing based on opinion which is what I do a lot but my problem with this is that I am directly involved being a student at UND and the nickname debate has been very difficult for many students. Just because the founders weren’t Native Americans doesn’t mean they can’t use the name. It was approved long ago and yes it has been fought over for years but the one thing this writer is forgetting is that he never went to games and saw how much tradition the school had for the nickname. People were proud of the name.. they didn’t disgrace it. I really don’t get why he is so upset about the name when he isn’t even involved. Here’s an idea, let UND figure it out and just stay out of it because your argument really doesn’t work.

I may seem a little upset over this, but in my opinion I have a right to be, when I chose to go to UND as an incoming student I was excited to become a Fighting Sioux and to learn all about the background of the nickname and to wear it proudly. Yes, there are cases where people have been dumb surrounding the name, but that’s every college campus. College kids can be downright stupid, guess what, that happens! The people who are truly proud of the name, call out the ones who disrespect the name and move on. The Sioux was more than just a name, it was who the students were, it connected everyone. You didn’t just go to the University of North Dakota, you went to the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux. Fighting Sioux just became part of the name automatically over the years. On game days, those of you who aren’t a part of UND, should have seen the campus because it was basically a sea of green and black Sioux apparel. I’ve never seen a campus be so united before. The Fighting Sioux was truly a great name for the University and there were/are Native American traditions that the school has as well to represent that part of the college campus.

One other piece of news that upsets me is the possibility of UND’s teams getting in trouble over students cheering “Fighting Sioux” or Sioux in general if other schools get upset. Um, I’m sorry but isn’t that our freedom of speech as long as it’s appropriately said. If someone just cheers Sioux what’s the problem? Even if I didn’t go to UND I would be backing the keeping of the name and I wouldn’t get upset if students cheered it. They aren’t doing anything against the law. Can’t we figure out more important things to enforce and let the students be? The NCAA really should have just stayed out of this debate, granted I don’t know the whole story but from what I’ve read from a bunch of different sources, the NCAA got involved in something that had nothing to do with them and I think it’s pretty low that they threatened our sports team’s postseason over a name. But guess what, just because you take the name off the jersey’s doesn’t mean you take the spirit out of the kids. They’ll still proudly call themselves the Fighting Sioux where they won’t get in trouble for it. I still proudly consider myself a Fighting Sioux and I always will. Just because we have to pick a new nickname doesn’t mean the greatness of tradition won’t continue. So go ahead tick us off, we’ll just continue to have a tradition of being awesome. Oh, and the school will always be referred to as UND Fighting Sioux, the name will never go away truly so make us pick a new name, but the old one will remain as well.

(The article referred to at the beginning is listed below for those of you who would like to read it)

HOCKEY ROCKS! Thanks for your views!


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