Holy Moly Time Flies!!!

So it’s been quite a while since I have posted anything.. there’s quite a few reasons for that actually. I’m not exactly sure how many people are reading this haha and I have been working like crazy most of the summer and trying to find time for anything else but has started to get harder and harder as time goes on.. but that’s life in the adult world. I’ve had quite a bit going on outside of work as well. I recently got some help in the financial area of my world so I was able to start school back up at UND… well online school but still through UND and I’ll actually be able to graduate in December šŸ˜€ If everything goes as planned and I’m scared for it but also excited. The real world fast approaches!

I finished up my awesome internship experience on a happy and sad note, I was happy to accomplish such an amazing jobĀ becoming a better writer and making some friends along the way as well. To be honest, I really miss the Swarm and that’s where the sad note comes in.. they moved to Georgia šŸ˜¦ but hey I know as well as anybody who’s involved in sportsĀ where thatĀ happens. It really sucks because they are a great organization and I would have loved to continue my experience with them but that’s just not how life works sometimes. I hope they do well and Georgia and I know I will remain a fan because they really just an amazing organization. They have such a fantastic staff that is helpful with whatever I needed and the players were awesome too. They were always able to help with interviews and had patience with my lack of experience when I was first starting. I really felt like a part of the staff rather than just an intern. That’s how great I was treated and I was put to work right away and that’s how I learn best.. not from watching but actually getting my hands on the work. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but by the end I didn’t want to stop and I knew for sure that I was in the right career. So I owe a huge thanks to the amazing Swarm staff and team for being so great I would recommend their internship to anyone interested in going into the sports world because you learn a lot and you actually get to work with the real career because they are such a small organization that you don’t get overlooked and there’s always work to do and they are just awesome!

Jesse and I celebrated our 3.5 years of dating last month and we also worked at a fireworks tent.. which was a lot of work but a lot of fun haha. It was definitely interesting and had its ups and downs but I did get money to hopefully buy a car here soon which I’ve been waiting to do forever! Following the fireworks we got to celebrate the wedding of two of our friends and my best friend Kaylene and Derek! It was a beautiful wedding and I was honored to stand by her side as a bridesmaid.. yes I did cry but it was worth it! I would do it all over again and undergo the 1.5 hour hair job too lol I still can’t believe the wedding is done already.. it was crazy and fun! Like I said our summer has been kind of crazy and it’s not over yet! We have a lot going on in the month of August as well and tomorrow well today is our date day!! Finally we get a day off to spend together and I’m super excited.

I would like to finish this post on the whole new nickname for UND. I know a lot of people have an opinion on the matter and I know what mine is. I wanted to keep the name and I am in favor of having no nickname at all or going with Nodaks because I feel that truly represents the school.. an animal or other thing wouldn’t make us unique if we go with something like Nodaks.. no one can take that because it truly fits the school. That’s just my opinion and I feel quite strongly about it too. I will admit I was and still am rather pissed that we had to get rid of Sioux because I thought it was a tradition that was well represented at the school and not in poor taste. I saw it up front for myself as a student, the students really represented that name well and that’s one of theĀ things that really pissed me off is a lot of the people that are trying to vote on the name aren’t even affiliated. If you haven’t seen for yourself how the students represent the name how would you know if it’s in poor taste or not. Yeah I may be biased but at least I saw it for myself. Students really took pride in the name and I hated to see it go. Yes there were a few students who did stupid stuff but that’s every school. Some people may say let it go and I was one of those students at one time but I still always thought it was stupid to get rid of the name. I really hate when politics get involved in something they don’t’ belong in. I guess we’ll find out what happens pretty soon all’s I know is I will graduate as a fighting Sioux like I always intended whether the nameĀ is intact or not .. I will know what I am and no one can take that from me no matter how hard they try. So I’m going to leave that as that and try to get another blog started for tomorrow so maybe I can get back in the swing of things, hopefully with a Minnesota Wild twist to it šŸ™‚ Anyway I’ll try to get back on more often for those of youĀ  who read this and well that’s it.. Fighting Sioux forever šŸ˜€ and as always hockey rocks!