We have feelings too

So.. I normally try not to rant too much about my job.. but lately it’s just become so frustrating.. especially when children who know better act worse than adults. I know our lives are busy and it feels like rush, rush, rush but you know; taking a little time to say a few words to someone helping you would be appreciated. When I am ringing up items I usually am quiet because I am paying attention but I do try to make small talk and when I get ignored.. yeah it does hurt. I’m just trying to be nice and the worst is when I ask whether the customer would like to use debit or credit on their card they just swiped.. and I get ignored. No, I’m not mumbling or just saying a random thing, I am asking a question that is simple to answer. When you don’t answer and you wanted credit or debit.. I’m sorry if I pressed what you didn’t want.. maybe answer my question and I’ll know what you want. To the people that answer “Well it’s a credit card” with a snotty attitude.. I’m sorry my machine gives me the option of debit or credit on your supposed “credit card” your card obviously has the option to be a debit or the machine wouldn’t tell me that.. I’m just asking a simple question that is part of my job.. is it really that hard to say “Debit or Credit”? No, it’s not.. I’ve done it myself when I buy things.. yes I am a human being not just someone standing behind a register.. my life is hard too. Think about how you treat your cashiers and maybe you’ll realize why they seem annoyed or tired when they have to deal with people who really don’t care about others jobs just their own.

I try to see how hard other people work and I try to do the same in my job. I work hard and try to please people. The one thing I really can’t stand is yes.. it is my job to make the store clean however IT IS NOT MY JOB TO CLEAN UP AFTER YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN! I do not work at a daycare… I’m sorry to those who are in the daycare profession I do not mean to sound offensive. My job is to run register and do the daily clean up of the store. I can handle things getting misplaced here and there, yes it’s rude but what can you do.. some people just don’t care and well I can’t do anything other than take care of the store. The thing I can’t handle is when a customer tried to tell me how to do my job.. I simply stated to her child that “maybe if he didn’t want that toy anymore he could put it back where he found it” (Instead of the candy I had just cleaned and straightened) I was trying to make a joke about it and the mom looked at me and said, “Isn’t that your job? I have a job and I get paid to do it, It’s called work” well ma’am no it’s not my job.. you could easily teach your child to respect others and put things back where they find them.. I was supposed to be stocking candy not following your child around picking up after him.. THAT IS YOUR JOB… Should I have just ignored the kid and not joked.. maybe but you know what.. if you are going to disrespect me to my face.. yeah I will say something as polite as I can. There was nothing wrong with what I said.. I wasn’t mad or angry I was just joking and the mom is the one who decided to chew my ass. Well lady, sorry you can’t teach your kids how to behave.. maybe your house is a mess but the store isn’t. It does not say child play place on the front.. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you because your kid got caught.. maybe parent your kid. My job requires a lot of multitasking but babysitting is not one. I clean, I run register, I fill balloons, I stock shelves and many other things during my shift and sometimes more than one at a time.. when we get busy.

I know little kids will drop toys and things like that.. but when the parent is watching them… uh it’s their responsibility. When I took my boyfriend’s nephew trick-or-treating we went into stores and looked at things.. he behaved and put things back where he found them.. he was taught too, or I made sure to keep an eye on him and help him put things back. I have had customers find things in the isle and either give them to me or put them back as a help to us.. those are the kind of people I wish everyone would be like.

The next time you go shopping think about all the things that cashier sees in a shift.. a lot of it you would probably never dream of. Now, I love my job because most of the time it’s great.. there are just a seldom few that make it hell on earth but the other customers who see me on a daily basis and look forward to seeing me.. they are the ones who make it worth while.. or the ones who just love the store and are happy to be there.. There’s at least one jerk per shift and somehow I manage to hold in my frustration but now maybe you understand what the other side feels like.. if not.. get a cashiering job and try it out. I’m sure you’ll be surprised. End of rant.. lol Hockey rocks and Go Wild!


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