Another Wild Game!!

Yep… that’s right I have been to two Wild games in the last month…. talk about a dream come true for me right??? Hell yeah! The last game I went to was courtesy of Jesse’s dad… he entered a raffle at work.. won the tickets and yep.. GAVE THEM TO ME! Talk about awesome right? Ha, that’s not even the best part. He paid $10 for the raffle and won two tickets each worth $132!!! Lower level.. they were great seats and next to really nice people as well! I even sat next to the woman who raffled the tickets off because her son and his wife could not make it down for the game. Talk about a nice thing to do!! I went with Kaylene of course!! We finally got to go to a game like we’ve been talking about doing for years! It was a great time all around even though we did lose in a shootout.. but hey we got to see 3 full periods, overtime and a great shootout… in all honesty the game could have gone either way it was that even! Which believe the kind of hockey I like to see. It’s way more fun to watch two teams battle than one team dominate even if it is the team I cheer for.. It’s way more interesting that way. Well.. I think that’s all I’m going to post for now… lots on the mind regarding planning and Christmas and of course work! My head might explode for all the things I try to remember.. and that’s without schoolwork! Haha Hockey rocks and Go Wild!


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