Throwing Jerseys?

I admit.. when I heard about this article I was a little surprised myself. I do agree 100% with the player who was the subject of the article. The topic in question was Toronto’s 9-2 loss to Nashville and what happened after is what everyone is talking about. Fans started to throw jerseys on the ice.. yes jerseys… Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys were thrown to the ice because of disgusted fans. THIS IS WRONG! You can boo and you can yell but do not throw things… I don’t care what the thing is.. you are endangering the players and the refs depending on what it is. You also make yourself look pretty classless.. just like Maple Leaf’s Phil Kessel stated. You are disrespecting so many people with throwing the jersey.. I agree with Kessel saying you are being disrespectful to every player that has put on that jersey and the history of that team. I don’t care how bad the loss was.. You have the class to accept the loss and move on. DON’T THROW THINGS… it makes you look bad. The article is at the end if you would like to take a look..


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