Work, work and work

Well, I haven’t been on in quite a while but I’ve been pretty busy between work and trying to relax and everything else in between that as well. It’s been a week and a half since my friend Danielle and I went to the Wild game against Pittsburgh. We got there a little late after missing the first train (they changed the schedule) and then a long ride through Minneapolis to St. Paul and a quick walk to the X. We got there in time to see about half the game which even though they lost was way way way worth it. We even saw a goal waved off that excuse my language was total Bullshit! They called goaltender interference on the Wild even though the Wild player was clearly pushed on top of the goalie and could do nothing about it. No offense, I know reffing is hard but that game was uhhh not well officiated either. The Wild did not play well but that goal could have been the changing point in the game.. it would have been 3-2 Pittsburgh but the Wild would have had the momentum… ugh what can you do? I’ll tell you something that did disgust me though. The Wild fans that were even more pissed about the call decided to throw things on the ice… I DO NOT FIND THIS OKAY AND NEVER WILL! That is an unacceptable act of plain disrespect. The players had to pick up whatever was thrown and it just made us look trashy. Come on Minnesota we are better than that… I understand booing but don’t take it any farther.. it WON’T HELP! I did get to see Sidney Crosby play which was pretty awesome!!! I also got an autograph from my all-time favorite Wild player Wes Walz after the game which was pretty neat as well. Danielle seemed to have had a blast and said she would go again so despite the mishaps along the way I think it was PRETTY GREAT and can’t wait to go again!!

Aside from that I did have an interview this past Tuesday for an internship position with the Minnesota Swarm… YES THE MINNESOTA SWARM!! Needless to say I’m pretty excited and hopeful that it works out. The interview seemed to go pretty well including the interviewer being very interested in a newspaper story I wrote while at UND about the Swarm and he made a copy of it so he could continue to read it and show the owner.. YES THE OWNER!! I was pretty shocked at that haha. I won’t know until around the end of the month but I’m pretty anxious and really hopeful!

One last note.. other than working a lot and trying to plan Christmas presents.. I am also going to try to buy Nickelback tickets. NICKELBACK IS COMING TO MINNESOTA IN MARCH!! I’m pretty ecstatic about that haha. Well the Wild did win last night and cut their losing streak so things are going pretty well. Jesse and I got to hang out and have our movie day yesterday after Monday and Tuesday got snowed out haha. I’m going to end it there and say HOCKEY ROCKS AND GO WILD!!


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