The after affect

Well.. yesterday I was unable to get any blogs out but I did have a great time at ValleyScare 😀 Despite not getting to go on Renegade.. oh well. The Wild have suffered two losses since then but they were close games. They lost to Anaheim by a score of 2-1 and they lost by the same score to Los Angeles. That game was just today in fact.. so at least they aren’t losing by a big differential. They are staying close to their opponents.

Backstrom had his first start in net today with Kuemper on the bench for back-up. Despite the loss it was a good idea to get Backstrom into the net and back on his skates. If you want to have two good goalies to fall back on.. they both need to play. The Wild’s next game will be against the Coyotes at home on Thursday. Hopefully they will get back on the winning streak and have a good showing at home. This is going to be the end of this blog.. a nice and short update.. Hockey Rocks and Go Wild!


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