Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

As the title suggests this post is all about surprises.. but it involves NHL teams. The focus of this blog is about the teams who have been a surprise so far.. even though the season is just a week in. The team I’m the most surprised with is the New York Islanders.. they are leading their division and are undefeated.. through four games. The last few seasons the Islanders have struggled but now their young team is really pulling together and winning some games including beating San Jose, in a shootout, who is equally challenging.

Edmonton is another surprise but not in a good way.. they have yet to win a game and have played in four. They, like the Islanders, have young talent but for some reason the continue to struggle. It is very early in the season so it’s really hard to judge a team yet… but this starting out is really not in favor of the Oilers. They had better start figuring things out before the season progresses too quickly for them.

The Wild can’t really be discussed too much in terms of surprises because they have only   played two games thus far. They are undefeated but as I said… they have only played two games. When this gets published.. the Wild will have a game this evening… they will play the Anaheim Ducks who always seem to be a tough opponent for the Wild no matter how well their season is going. The Wild will have to bring out an even better game than their last two to stay with the Ducks.. I have faith that they can. Well, that’s it.. I’ll wrap it up here.. Going to ValleyScare today 😀 so not sure if I’ll have a blog post later on or not but I’ll try.. as always Hockey rocks and GO WILD!


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