Judgement day.. or not?

Another non-hockey post… So I was hanging out with a friend today and we got on to the topic of people judging others. I know it’s a natural human reaction… you see someone and you automatically make some kind of judgement about them…whether they look nice or angry or funny or anything like that. My question is… how do we judge someone to be normal or not.. there is technically no standard for normal because everyone is different. We aren’t clones of each other so therefore we are different even if we look identical. Just because someone likes something different then what you believe.. who cares? (As long as it isn’t illegal or something like that). My point is.. if someone likes to dress differently than you.. what gives you the right to treat them differently than you would anyone else? I know you know what I mean and I know we all have done it.. but why? What gives us the right to judge someone when we don’t even know them.. or just because they believe something different?

A lot of this has to do with religion as well. I’m NOT stating any religion is better than any other.. I believe they are all EQUAL. What you believe is your own choice… but I don’t get why people judge others based on their beliefs either. They aren’t you.. so why does it have to be your business? If someone believes in a certain religion and you don’t.. that’s fine. They have that right and so do you. I know the world is never going to be perfect.. and there will always be judgements.. but make sure you take a good look and learn who that person is before you go and treat them different or shun them for example.. or make them feel like an outcast. I know for a fact I could learn to be better about this.. I try very hard not to make rash judgements and make sure I realize that they just believe different than I do and that’s fine. I don’t know their life story and they don’t know mine.. so be careful before you judge someone too quickly.

It’s a simple common courtesy but all of us forget it at times and it’s in human nature to judge.. but what you do with that judgement is the difference… if you choose to ignore it and treat the person the same you would anyone else.. or you treat them differently is the real test. So yeah.. I’m going to leave it at that.. and Hockey rocks!


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