The Wild continue their path!

Well the Wild did it once again. They won beating the Avs on the road 3-0 and I thought Backstrom was supposed to be in the net but it turned out to be Kuemper playing instead. He did well receiving another shutout and in back to back games. The Wild will have until Friday to up their game for when they face the Anaheim Ducks in Anaheim. Everything seems to be going right for the Wild so far and hopefully things continue that way.

Anaheim does have a notable new face in Ryan Kesler.. formerly captain of the Vancouver Canucks. He was traded in the summertime and is now part of the Ducks. The Ducks also have new young goalies in their lineup with their eldest goalie being 25 years old. The team lost Saku Koivu and Teemu Selanee to retirement but gained some new faces as well so the Wild will have their hands full when they make their way to Anaheim.

I’m keeping this entry short and sweet because I was at work most of the day and missed the entire game other than what I heard on the radio so I’m rather tired haha. So that will be the end of this one.. hopefully adding one tomorrow. Off to movie time and work once again tomorrow. Hockey rocks and Go Wild!


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