In honor of it officially being hockey season I figured I would do a blog about well of course.. hockey! The greatest sport on the earth in my opinion! I am currently watching the game between Montreal and Toronto… that’s right..some good ol Canadian hockey 🙂 and two speedy teams at that. I personally am cheering on the Maple Leafs because they have players I have been a fan of for quite some time. The game is tied as most would expect. Toronto used to be viewed as somewhat of a joke.. and I personally did not appreciate that.. each team should be taken seriously no matter what their stats. As of recent though, Toronto is showing they are a team to be reckon with especially with their young line up. They have 10 players age 25 or younger in their line up including a 20 year old defenseman. Montreal has a young line up as well but a few more experienced players as well. The teams are pretty equal in respect to their playing abilities.

Switching teams.. the Wild start tomorrow against the rival Colorado Avalanche under the reigns of Patrick Roy. The rivalry between these teams goes all the way back to the Wild’s first year in existence. It has been announced that youngster Darcy Kuemper will be the starter in net with Backstrom getting the start on Saturday when the Wild fly to Denver to take on Colorado once again. The Wild are expected to have a pretty good season and I will admit I am one of those believers and I always have been. They do have several new faces that will hopefully make a difference in the line up and help them score some more goals. Vanek is one of those players but there have also been some late additions as well as one player being suspended. Josh Harding is the suspended player who broke his foot in an off ice incident. There is no time table for his return so it will be up to Backstrom and Kuemper with the release of Bryzgalov as well.

Finally hockey is starting up again and I will have another update hopefully tomorrow on the Wild 😀 and hopefully it will be about their win over the Avs!! Hockey rocks and GO WILD!!


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