“Cousins are your first friends”

So switching gears from hockey for once haha.. I’m sure many of you have heard the phrase “cousins are your first friends in life” and I can say in my case that is very very very true. Being an only child.. my cousins were not only my first friends but also basically my siblings as well. When we were little we were together all the time from playing shinny in our grandma’s basement to skating at the outdoor rink during Christmas time we were always together. I still remember many of the things we used to do as kids and all the times we got in trouble… not only one of us but all of us. I learned many things from my cousins such as tying my skates to actually skating. Having older cousins helped a lot because they had already been there done that such as driving, working and school. I always had/have someone to turn to no matter how far away they are. In a way.. to me. Cousins are almost better than having siblings because they don’t judge you or make fun of you like a sibling does.. or tattle on you because you don’t share the same set of parents (another haha). Sure we got in a lot of trouble when we were kids but we stuck together… I always looked up to my older cousins and wanted to be like them.. good in school, hockey and cool to be around. I also tried to be a role model for my younger cousins hoping they would look up to me like I did my older cousins. I remember all the times my cousins showed up to events I was in just because they wanted to and not because they had to.. from hockey games to marching band parades I remember and always will because a lot of times it was only my parents and it was nice when others showed up too. I remember one specific parade my cousin Matt and his wife Rhea showed up to and it was pouring rain yet they stood and watched us march and even stayed to see me after.. I was so shocked I could hardly talk. That someone would do that for me… meant the world. Matt, Rhea if you are reading this.. thank you 🙂 Anyway.. I don’t know about you but my cousins are some of the best friends I’ve ever had and always will have because we may not be siblings by blood but we are still family and I know they will always have my back no matter what. My cousins taught me my love of hockey and many other things that are too numerous to name. Matt, A.J, Jason, Myles, Adam, Tyler, Riley and Hannah.. you guys are the best and the best cousins ever!!!

On a little sidenote.. I AM GOING TO THE MINNESOTA WILD GAME AGAINST THE PITTSBURGH PENGUINS ON NOVEMBER 4TH!!!! (I’m just a little..excited!) haha that is all! Hockey rocks!


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