A name is a name right?

Actually, wrong. Very very wrong according to some people. This article may offend some but it is not meant to. I am writing this post after seeing a news post about this subject and the fact I was in the middle of one of these arguments in college. So this post has to do with the recent uproar over team nicknames. UND.. formerly the Fighting Sioux.. the school I have been going to for the past three years was right in the mix of this controversy and subsequently ended up giving up their beloved nickname.

I was against the name change along with many of my classmates.. it was never meant to be offensive.. it was a source of pride and tradition. Students were proud to be the “Fighting Sioux” a name that was synonymous with its rich hockey culture and tradition. Before each hockey game there was even a tribute to the Fighting Sioux name and what an honor it was to be a part of such a tradition. Students believed so much in it they would recite the lines from the video.. it was something that united the students. I know I got to the point I just wanted a decision made.. I didn’t want to hear anymore about it. I was always against the name change but I just wanted it to end because it was tearing the school apart and it had people taking sides even though they all went to the same school.

To me.. a name for a sports team is just that.. a name. Something that can unite fans and bring them together. The Washington Redskins are currently under fire.. but why? No one is intentionally being offensive with this name.. it is meant to be a cool name.. something that can unite not tear apart. I could understand it if people were purposely trying to be offensive but come on.. it’s a sports team. Are you going to go after the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame??? I’m sorry but there has to be a line drawn.. not everything can be taken as offensive if you start taking away names one by one.. what’s next? Where do you draw the line? What is not considered offensive? Everyone can be offended by something if they really think about it but most don’t, they are concerned with their own life not over a sports team name. I will admit I am sensitive towards my beliefs and I get offended easily sometimes but I try to be open-minded. This topic has really stretched my open-mindedness pretty thin.

I have tried to look at the other point of view but if it were me.. I would think it was pretty damn awesome to have the name of say, my tribe as a team name.. you would be known nationwide and people would be proud to have the same name as you.. nickname or tribe name. They are proud of the name! That should mean something. What people don’t get… sure you can be offended by a name but what happens when you take the name off a jersey? Nothing. The name may be off the jersey but you can’t take it out of the fan’s mouths. Sure, you may take it away from the school… but it will always remain with the fans. You can’t ban them from saying it.. unless they are part of the media or a sports team that is directly connected with the school. To me, it’s ridiculous.

If these names were so offensive.. why were they even allowed to become team names in the first place? Why do you care so much now? The names have been around for longer than I’ve even been alive. I get if it’s just a name, why care so much whether it goes or stays? Well, to those that are fans of the sports team, it is their identity they can identify with the name and take it as their own.

Well, I think I have stated my point as much as I can without it becoming repetitive. What do you think? Are you on the side of the name change or are you against it? Why? This subject really makes you think. Hockey rocks and Go Wild!


Wild, Wild, Wild

Well, it’s been a little while since I got on but I’ve been rather busy with work and things. But the Wild play the San Jose Sharks tonight and that means the return of several former Wild players. Brent Burns and James Sheppard plus suspended John Scott are all former Wild players. The Wild will however be without Erik Haula, Jonas Brodin and Matt Cooke are all injured.. Haula received a dirty head hit a few games ago and has not played since. The player who delivered the hit was suspended for 5 games. The suspension is a start but hits like these HAVE TO STOP and the only way they will is if the player who delivers the hit is out as long as the player they injured. Darcy Kuemper will be in net after a night off when Backstrom was in net against Boston.

Tonight will be an interesting match-up because no matter how San Jose’s record is.. they always manage to give the Wild a run for it. The teams are just 3 points apart in the standings with San Jose having the upper hand but they have also played 3 more games than the Wild have.

I am going to end this post here.. but I will say I have to wait just 5.. yes 5 more days until my friend Danielle and I will be going to the Wild game against the Pittsburgh!!! We are both super excited and I am hoping for a 2-1 Wild win so I can still see Crosby score but my home team winning 😀 haha yeah I have thought it out. Well hockey rocks as always and GO WILD!

Plans or Chaos

Sooo everyone has a plan for their life right? Things change.. things happen and a lot of times those plans get changed.. sometimes for the best and sometimes for the worst. This time last year.. I thought my plans were to graduate in a year.. well… An adviser mess-up (major mess up), a car break down, an ER visit and money shortage landed me home instead of in school. Don’t get me wrong.. I get to spend more time with Jesse and some friends I hadn’t seen since I left for school..but I feel like I’m never going to get it done. I feel like “why did I ever go to school when I knew I couldn’t afford it?”. But then some supportive words from Jesse and my friends reminded me why I went to school in the first place. Because I love to write and I want a career in writing. School is hard and so is figuring out a career you want and can live with. For the longest time I wanted to be a pro hockey player.. funny how that worked out. Writing and potentially coaching are the closest I can get to that dream. Basically my point with this blog is.. things get hard but stick to what you want. If you want to go to school… do it. If you want a certain job.. go for it, even if it’s hard. I’ve been thrown into a few rough patches.. but with help from those closest to you… you get through it. As always hockey rocks and I will hopefully have a Wild update up tomorrow before their game against the Coyotes.

The after affect

Well.. yesterday I was unable to get any blogs out but I did have a great time at ValleyScare 😀 Despite not getting to go on Renegade.. oh well. The Wild have suffered two losses since then but they were close games. They lost to Anaheim by a score of 2-1 and they lost by the same score to Los Angeles. That game was just today in fact.. so at least they aren’t losing by a big differential. They are staying close to their opponents.

Backstrom had his first start in net today with Kuemper on the bench for back-up. Despite the loss it was a good idea to get Backstrom into the net and back on his skates. If you want to have two good goalies to fall back on.. they both need to play. The Wild’s next game will be against the Coyotes at home on Thursday. Hopefully they will get back on the winning streak and have a good showing at home. This is going to be the end of this blog.. a nice and short update.. Hockey Rocks and Go Wild!

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

As the title suggests this post is all about surprises.. but it involves NHL teams. The focus of this blog is about the teams who have been a surprise so far.. even though the season is just a week in. The team I’m the most surprised with is the New York Islanders.. they are leading their division and are undefeated.. through four games. The last few seasons the Islanders have struggled but now their young team is really pulling together and winning some games including beating San Jose, in a shootout, who is equally challenging.

Edmonton is another surprise but not in a good way.. they have yet to win a game and have played in four. They, like the Islanders, have young talent but for some reason the continue to struggle. It is very early in the season so it’s really hard to judge a team yet… but this starting out is really not in favor of the Oilers. They had better start figuring things out before the season progresses too quickly for them.

The Wild can’t really be discussed too much in terms of surprises because they have only   played two games thus far. They are undefeated but as I said… they have only played two games. When this gets published.. the Wild will have a game this evening… they will play the Anaheim Ducks who always seem to be a tough opponent for the Wild no matter how well their season is going. The Wild will have to bring out an even better game than their last two to stay with the Ducks.. I have faith that they can. Well, that’s it.. I’ll wrap it up here.. Going to ValleyScare today 😀 so not sure if I’ll have a blog post later on or not but I’ll try.. as always Hockey rocks and GO WILD!

Judgement day.. or not?

Another non-hockey post… So I was hanging out with a friend today and we got on to the topic of people judging others. I know it’s a natural human reaction… you see someone and you automatically make some kind of judgement about them…whether they look nice or angry or funny or anything like that. My question is… how do we judge someone to be normal or not.. there is technically no standard for normal because everyone is different. We aren’t clones of each other so therefore we are different even if we look identical. Just because someone likes something different then what you believe.. who cares? (As long as it isn’t illegal or something like that). My point is.. if someone likes to dress differently than you.. what gives you the right to treat them differently than you would anyone else? I know you know what I mean and I know we all have done it.. but why? What gives us the right to judge someone when we don’t even know them.. or just because they believe something different?

A lot of this has to do with religion as well. I’m NOT stating any religion is better than any other.. I believe they are all EQUAL. What you believe is your own choice… but I don’t get why people judge others based on their beliefs either. They aren’t you.. so why does it have to be your business? If someone believes in a certain religion and you don’t.. that’s fine. They have that right and so do you. I know the world is never going to be perfect.. and there will always be judgements.. but make sure you take a good look and learn who that person is before you go and treat them different or shun them for example.. or make them feel like an outcast. I know for a fact I could learn to be better about this.. I try very hard not to make rash judgements and make sure I realize that they just believe different than I do and that’s fine. I don’t know their life story and they don’t know mine.. so be careful before you judge someone too quickly.

It’s a simple common courtesy but all of us forget it at times and it’s in human nature to judge.. but what you do with that judgement is the difference… if you choose to ignore it and treat the person the same you would anyone else.. or you treat them differently is the real test. So yeah.. I’m going to leave it at that.. and Hockey rocks!

Music, music, music

Since music is such a huge part of my life I figured I should devote at least one blog to it. I have learned so many things from music.. it’s endless. I overcame one of my worst fears because of music… mainly marching band but that is music. Having such a great thing in my life has really kept me going. When I quit hockey I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with my life because hockey was my life. Well, thanks to band… I had somewhere to turn and I devoted all of my energy to that instead which turned out to be an awesome decision. Learning to play clarinet was difficult but it taught me self discipline and to truly believe in myself because I could do it. I also had awesome teachers that helped me along the way and made sure I kept at it.

After my first season with the Buffalo marching band I made a promise to myself that I would march until I couldn’t.. meaning being a super senior. Well senior year I wasn’t sure if I could do it or not.. and I wasn’t sure if I would go on the trip or not as well. Well, I thought about going a season without marching and I was lost.. I knew what I had to do and I also remembered that promise I made to myself back when I was a rookie. I knew what I had to do and I told them I would march and it was the best decision I ever made. On that trip I was able to overcome the biggest fear of my life.. homesickness.. and it helped me with college right around the corner as well. Without band I’m not sure what would have happened to me but I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I learned to be a leader which also helps me in the job I have now.. to take charge and get done what needs to be done when others won’t. It also helped with my dedication to things and my work ethic.

I owe a lot to band and it is an absolutely amazing thing that I would recommend to anyone and everyone that is thinking about joining band. It may not be everyone’s thing but it is fun and it will help with a lot of things. It was my escape when I lost the only other thing that was an escape for me at the time. To this day I am proud to call myself a band kid and I always will be. Hockey still rocks!