To Spin or not to Spin

Well go figure the NHL has added a rule change I am not very fond of. The NHL has ruled to ban the Spin-o-rama move from both the shootout and the penalty shot. For those of you that do not know what that move is, it basically involves a player who goes one on one with the goalie. The player skates towards the goalie and when they get about a foot or two away they spin their body (and the puck) completely around and shoot when they face forward again. This move is used to surprise and confuse goalies since they really aren’t expecting it. This move has been under strict scrutiny lately because the rules in the shootout and penalty shot state that a player may not stop their forward momentum.. in other words.. they are not allowed to stop.

My argument is that, yes the player may spin in a complete circle but as long as their feet continue to move and they slide forward on the ice, they are following the rules. They haven’t actually stopped momentum. I do not agree with this change because in my opinion they are taking away the freedom the players have to be creative. Yes, there are many moves a player may do, but why limit them on what they are allowed to do? The shootout was designed to allow players the freedom to showcase their skills and add a little fun besides shortening the game time when the score is tied; rather than the game going into overtime after overtime. If the league wants to keep the games short, let the players be creative and score… that’s what they want and that’s what fans want to see. They don’t want to see the players be limited to just what they are good or comfortable with. The spin-o-rama was also considered somewhat of a challenge for players and was a risky move because no.. not all players scored when they tried that move.

The players should be able to feel that they can be creative and try different things when a shootout happens. As long as they aren’t interfering with the goalie who really cares? Some may say it’s an unfair move because the goalies aren’t prepared.. but are the goalies prepared to handle a 100 mph slap shot from about 10 feet away? Not really.. the shootout is supposed to be that way.. unpredictable except for the players that have a signature move they use because they are in fact.. good at it. Some players however like to go out of their comfort zone or give themselves a challenge and by taking away that move.. that is limiting the creativity they can have.

The article I read about the rule changes from also noted that the rule changes included more enforcement on face-offs and embellishment.. the face-offs I will have to read more about because if it’s what I believe it is, I probably won’t agree with that either. It already takes long enough for the refs to drop the puck… do they have to make it longer? But as I said I will have to do some more research in that area. The embellishment discussion I am all for, many players get away with embellishment/faking things and never have to be punished even though they are really the ones at fault. So that rule I am mostly in favor of but will need more information.

That’s all for rule changes for now.. I will try to read more up on the changes and add more info as it becomes available. This is quite a bit to take in but of course the NHL is all about changing rules quite a bit so there will be more where this came from. As always.. HOCKEY ROCKS!


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