So.. it’s been a little while once again. I apologize for any of you that try to read all that I post. My computer situation is still iffy and it just hasn’t been easy lately. I have been picking up a lot of extra hours at work so I can make some more money but as I said it’s not easy. So as I said previously I was going to do an update on the Wild… well the biggest concern I have for them currently is their goalie situation. They really have no idea who they are going to make their starter, which is not a bad thing because other teams will be left guessing but that is a difficult situation for the players on the Wild to know who is going to be behind them. They are professionals and can play with pretty much any other player but it has been seen that players play differently with different goalies because they have different styles and how they like to handle the puck. Some goalies stay in the net when the puck comes near and some go for it to get it out of the zone. The Wild have typically always had a good goalie in net no matter who they choose so I’m not really worried but it is something to pay attention to. Harding will more than likely not be the starter but I guarantee if he can stay healthy he will get some ice time because despite his MS he is still one heck of a goaltender. Backstrom can still make incredible stops but he is getting close to the end of his career with all the surgeries and issues he has had lately. That leaves the rookies and well anything goes with them.. but as we’ve seen in the past, they are pretty good most of the time. I’m more excited for the season then worried because it’s the Wild, they may struggle at times but they never give up and they always play good, clean hockey which is what I like to see. I will add more updates when I can and as always.. hockey rocks!


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