The Stanley Cup and some other updates

Well today was the day I hoped to be waiting in line to see the Stanley Cup in Grand Forks, but due to car troubles and low gas I’ll have to wait for that day. However, that is okay with me because I firmly believe the Wild will not only contend for the Cup this coming season but possibly win it with the talent they now hold such as Vanek, Parise, Koivu and Suter. I know this is a big hope to have but it’s better than no hope at all. Rather than seeing the Cup I will be enjoying a nice dinner with my friends Kaitlyn and Kaylene 🙂 Today is also my aunt and uncle’s 25th anniversary. My parents celebrated 28 years on Saturday and on the same day another one of my aunt and uncle’s celebrated their 34th anniversary. Lots of anniversaries and also my dad’s birthday on Thursday. Apart from all the anniversaries and thinking about hockey season… Jesse and I have been spending a lot of time together to make up for all the time I was in Grand Forks. We’ve gone out for breakfast and dinner, had many movie days, gaming sessions and enjoyed many walks. It’s been a pretty good summer so far and even though it’s getting close to the end we still have many plans such as the State Fair lol. Well I think this is it for the updates but I will be posting soon. Hockey time is coming up soon!!!


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