More and more changes

So.. it’s been a little while since I posted, however that is not my fault haha. My computer decided to take a dramatic step and die so I’ve had to borrow my parent’s mobile devices to even check Facebook let alone the many other things. Now, on top of my laptop dying.. my phone has also decided to croak.. lucky me it all has to happen at once. Luckily I am able to use the desktop computer to send mobile messages for certain things. CAN HOCKEY SEASON START YET!! I could really use some hockey with everything that has been going on. Jesse and I had a great time at the State Fair despite getting poured on not once but twice. I know I brag about what an awesome guy Jesse is but in all reality he truly is one of a kind. He drove me to work and back all week even though it is way out of the way for him and he even let me borrow his car when he had to work so I could get home instead of sitting around in Buffalo. I did pay for his gas because that’s fair and he would do the same for me.. he also made friends with one of my assistant managers at work hahaha that friendship has been quite interesting lol. Anyway I will try to get on this computer more often to update this lovely blog of mine and I will try to get out an updated look at the Wild before they start their season and maybe even a sneak peak at what I expect from both the men’s and women’s hockey teams up at UND ๐Ÿ˜€ Hockey season is just around the corner and I for one can’t wait for it to start. Hopefully I’ll have some luck with technology and maybe a new phone by my next blog! HOCKEY ROCKS!


The Stanley Cup and some other updates

Well today was the day I hoped to be waiting in line to see the Stanley Cup in Grand Forks, but due to car troubles and low gas I’ll have to wait for that day. However, that is okay with me because I firmly believe the Wild will not only contend for the Cup this coming season but possibly win it with the talent they now hold such as Vanek, Parise, Koivu and Suter. I know this is a big hope to have but it’s better than no hope at all. Rather than seeing the Cup I will be enjoying a nice dinner with my friends Kaitlyn and Kaylene ๐Ÿ™‚ Today is also my aunt and uncle’s 25th anniversary. My parents celebrated 28 years on Saturday and on the same day another one of my aunt and uncle’s celebrated their 34th anniversary. Lots of anniversaries and also my dad’s birthday on Thursday. Apart from all the anniversaries and thinking about hockey season… Jesse and I have been spending a lot of time together to make up for all the time I was in Grand Forks. We’ve gone out for breakfast and dinner, had many movie days, gaming sessions and enjoyed many walks. It’s been a pretty good summer so far and even though it’s getting close to the end we still have many plans such as the State Fair lol. Well I think this is it for the updates but I will be posting soon. Hockey time is coming up soon!!!

Hockey, hockey and more hockey including opinions

I know summer isn’t over yet but for those of you hockey fans… it couldn’t end soon enough. I love Minnesota summers but I don’t love them just for the weather. It’s also hockey trading time and a lot of teams make moves. The Wild have a key new name this year and that would be former Minnesota Gopher Thomas Vanek. There had been numerous talks for a few years that the Wild were interested in Vanek, but no moves were made until the time was right. Well that timing happened to be this past summer. Yep, Vanek will now be wearing the Iron Range Red and Forest Green jersey however, he won’t be quite as new as some people think. He’ll hopefully feel a little at home with former teammate with the Buffalo Sabres; Jason Pominville, standing alongside him in a Wild jersey as well. For those of you who are fairly new to the Wild scene, Pominville joined the Wild two seasons ago and has been a pretty good fit with Koivu and Parise. It won’t hurt Vanek that he also went to college in the great state of Minnesota before he went pro. Vanek is pretty speedy and I’m rather interested in what he’ll bring to the Wild both in skills and personality with several players also leaving the Wild such as Clayton Stoner and Dany Heatley both who had quite a presence with the Wild. I would like to extend well wishes to them as they continue on with other teams. The Wild still have a goalie situation that needs to be figured out also. Yes they have Kuemper who is currently a restricted free agent, along with Harding and Backstrom but can they stay healthy? They also have a few goalies in the system just ready for a shot at the big leagues. The Wild didn’t disappoint last season with their run to the playoffs and despite losing to Chicago, they still made many proud including myself.

This season I think the Wild will make an even bigger impression on many more people with the new and old faces. Fan favorites Zach Parise, Ryan Suter and Mikko Koivu will have to improve on their game from last season and some players will have to step up to prove they belong in a Wild jersey. Vanek will be expected to show what he’s made of and prove he wasn’t just good in college, however if fans check his pro stats I don’t believe they will be too disappointed by the Wild’s decision to give him a chance in the roster. Defense will be a key factor with improvements as well, with Suter at the head of the pack the younger players will be looking to him for guidance. I’ve been a Wild fan since the beginning and I have never really been disappointed in the team thus far. Yes, there have been a few times where I believe the team could have tried harder or cared more, but I’m not in their position, so I really don’t know how they feel or how much they care other than seeing expressions and remembering my own time in skates. So Wild fans out there, give Vanek a chance, he’s new to the team so don’t expect superstar status in the first game of the season. It’ll take some time for him to get adjusted, yes he is a pro, but pros need time to adjust to their surroundings as well. Take the time to put yourself in his shoes well skates, yes you would be making a lot of money, but the pressure would also be on your shoulders. If you disappoint, you may not have a job anymore. Just because pros make a lot of money, doesn’t mean they don’t have bad games or seasons too. The Wild may look a little rough at the beginning of the season but with mostly veteran players that have hung around for a while, the youngsters and not so young newbies will catch on and you’ll see your Wild hockey that you are so used to seeing in and out. Who knows… you may even see the Stanley Cup when the season ends… anything could happen especially when it involves the Minnesota Wild.