It’s getting to the end! (somewhat)

Hockey season is sadly coming to an end for a lot of teams but it is that time of year once again. The Minnesota State High School hockey tournaments for both the boys and girls are done. In the Girls: A was won by The Blake School and AA was won by Hill Murray. In the Boy’s A was taken by the one and only East Grand Forks! (Sorry for those of you Hermantown fans, I live in Grand Forks most of the year so I have to cheer for the close school πŸ™‚ ) and in AA the trophy went to Edina once again. Sorry not a huge Edina fan as those of you that read this will soon find out. The win for East Grand was also their first ever championship. So a huge congrats to them once again, it’s nice to see a new team win it especially a hockey town like East Grand. The College playoff scene is now starting as I mentioned earlier. UND and SCSU are both out of the championship for the NCHC tourney which is somewhat of a surprise. The NHL is starting to get heated as they near the end of their regular season and start worrying about if they can make playoffs. The Wild seem to be in an okay position as of now but that could all change with one win or loss. Basically if the Wild can help it, they need to not lose anymore games and they should be okay. They take on Detroit today and who knows how that will go. With two fairly strong goaltenders and some rather big names the Wild should be able to hang in there and hopefully put up some numbers on the scoreboard. Be sure to keep checking for my blogs πŸ˜€


Sooo It’s been quite a while

Well, hi everyone, it has been quite a while since I’ve been on here and for those of you that actually read this I apologize. I had quite a bit of school work going on and had to get a lot of things in order. Hockey season has come and gone for the high schools and college is just getting into playoffs. UND women are finished for the season unfortunately after losing a close game to the U of M Gophers but let’s face it, they will probably take the title again. I have a lot of respect for the amount of talent they have but I am sick of hearing their name. UND men made it to the NCHC tournament in its inaugural season. SCSU was surprisingly knocked out early but should be included in the NCAA tourney along with UND. The NHL has really changed much other than the Wild are hanging in there. If all goes well they should end up in the playoffs if they can keep their cool. I just got back from Duluth for a mini vacation with my boyfriend Jesse and man it was so worth it. We stayed at a waterpark and even visited one of my best friends Kaylene. We had a blast visiting Gooseberry Falls as well. Duluth is such a great place I would encourage everyone to take a trip to Duluth not only to see the lake but the whole city itself. I will be posting in a little while today to talk more about hockey but this post was just to catch up on everything that has happened both with hockey and in my life πŸ™‚ since I know everyone is concerned with my daily life haha. So, apart from work and hockey, life hasn’t been too different, so stay tuned for my next post later today.