holy cow it’s been a while

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here haha. I’ve been pretty busy and pretty tired between work, school, and going home in between. Being in college isn’t quite as easy as some people say… having to work at least 4 nights a week and try to study between is pretty difficult…. but hey I have it easy compared to others. I consider myself very lucky when I think about all that I have. I have a family, a loving boyfriend, friends, two jobs that I really enjoy, I’m getting an education, and I have a place to live with food, heat, and all the necessities. I complain about not being able to park on campus and not having tv… but hey I have a lot that others don’t have. Many people wish they could get an education, and I’m over here having it handed to me…yeah classes are hard and paying for it is even harder, but I’m still able to go compared to some who can’t. A lot of us forget all that we have and I’ll be one of the first to admit… I take my life for granted but I try very hard not to. I have family who care very much about me along with my loving boyfriend as well. But anyway.. enough about that. Hockey season is underway and my Minnesota Wild are doing pretty well!!! Yeah, I say my… because well… I cheer for them.. therefore they are mine haha just kidding… it just sounds cool to say my. I got to watch them kick some butt last night and they looked great. I’m super excited for how the season will turn out.. but I think I’m going to end this post like this…. see ya next time because I have too much more info to put into this one..