Just getting started

Haha.. this is all a little new to me.. my first ever blog and blog post. I have one for the University paper I write for but someone else manages that. I just submit the content! Anyway, I guess a little bit about me would be a good starter. I’m 20 years old, a hockey nut, band freak, and I have an awesome boyfriend that I will have been with for 2 years in December 🙂 I am a junior at the University of North Dakota, and I’m majoring in Communications with a minor in Athletic coaching. I write sports for the Dakota Student newspaper and have since my freshman year here. Sports writing is also where I plan to take my Communications degree once I finally get that.. haha just under 2 years left! I also play in the University band here, my instrument is the Clarinet. Finally, my off-campus job is Dollar Tree, I’ve been there since June. I love it and hate it.. it’s really fun but extremely wearing on your nerves at times. I’ll probably be writing mostly about hockey in this blog because well, that’s my favorite sport, and of course about my boyfriend 🙂 haha. Well, that’s about it, hope those of you that read this.. enjoy it!


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